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      深圳市原初科技有限公司是雙城風機的授權代理商,全球著名的美國雙城(Twin City)公司是商業輕型風機﹑標準工業風機和重型工業風機的制造廠家。秉承著三十多年的商用與工業風機和一百多年的重型工業風機的設計與制造經驗,美國雙城風機以其卓越的品質,優良的性能,精湛的工藝,確立了在世界風機制造行業的領先地位。



      Shenzhen wintrue technology is authorized distributor of American Twin City Fan & Blower(TCF). Twin City Fan & Blower has established itself as a leader and continues to advance by implementing a philosophy that stresses quality in all of its operations. At present,TCF has professional designing and manufacturing experience in commerical and industrial fans over 100 years, occupies four manufacturing facilities in South Dakota and a headquarters facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The headquarters, contained in a 47,000 square-foot office building, houses approximately?200 management, sales and marketing, accounting, human resources, material management, and engineering personnel. The building also includes?our AMCA Registered testing lab.

      As Chinese authorized agent of TCF,we are devoted ourselves to provide various effective solutions to satisfy our customers. We supply comfortable ventilation fans to different kinds of buildings including retail and office buildings, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and government buildings. Industrial fan applications include air and material handling, air cleaning, ventilation, cooling, heating, combustion air supply, filtration and drying systems, fume hoods, spray-paint booths, and exhaust systems. Special materials, construction, coatings, and accessories are available to fit any application requirements.

      TCF offers customers flexibility in fan design and construction, coupled with superior service before and after the sale.?TCF’s commitment to quality and dedication to customers has been our philosophy since the company started in the early 1970s, and we continues to grow and provide fans throughout the world. In the future, TCF will offer our customers higher quality fans and more superior service, it is our honor to cooperate with you and cement our long-term pleasant relationship.

      Fan Systems is now SZTCF

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